More things that go bump in the dark...

Threshold - Jordan L. Hawk

This series is turning out to be quite the fascination for me because I really, really don't like books about things that go bump in the dark and there is a lot of bumping in the dark in this book and not of the fun kind...although there is that too.  So far the 'horror' part is not overwhelming and for me detailed just enough to have my imagination working but not focusing on the parts of the story that would normally keep me lying in bed awake at night and jumping over every little noise.


Along with the horror/mystery storyline I found 'Threshold' also focused on giving us more of Griffin's background and how it impacted his relationship with Whyborne. This was done more predominantly through Whyborne's inner monologues which were at times slightly off kilter in their perspective. Also bizarrely enough I've become rather fond of Griffin calling Whyborne 'my dear'. If it was any other couple I'm pretty sure it would irritate the hell out of me but with these two it really quite endearing and cute.


Now about Christina, could this woman get any freakin' better? I love her, she's awesome. She and I are BFF's forever.


This story pretty much had it all flying uglies, aliens, abominations, bad guys, good guys doing bad things, good guys doing good things (and not just our MCs), Griffin's Ex or at least one of them...well there could be more, but for now let's talk about the one contained in this story, Elliott.  The incredibly handsome seemingly perfect Elliott. For part of the book I just wasn't sure about Elliott and then I disliked him intensely and was sure that Griffin had to have taken leave of his senses to ever have been in a relationship with this jerk. But in the end Elliott proved that he was an honorable man and I'd like to think he found his redemption.


While I still hesitate over the horror factor in these stories I feel strongly enough about everything else that I know I will follow Whyborne and Griffin's story through to the end with very little doubt that I will do anything but thoroughly love every minute of it.