Whyborne & Griffin meet Caldwell & Feximal let the fun begin...

Remnant: A Caldwell & Feximal/Whyborne & Griffin Mystery - Jordan L. Hawk, K.J. Charles

This was a free read put out by K.J. Charles and Jordan L Hawk and contained the main characters from each author's series 'A Charm of Magpies' and 'Whyborne & Griffin' and really and truly it was one hell of a fun read.


I can honestly say my only issue with the whole story was it needed to be longer. Pages and more pages of these four would have been epic. I am seriously going to cross my fingers that somewhere, somehow these two authors do a collaboration with these four men. I can't imagine it would be anything but hilariously epic and sexy as all get out. Yeah, there was a couple of fairly smexy scenes going on.


So now my dilemma I need to bump up another series on my TBR list that's right 'A Charm of Magpies' needs to jump forward in it's reading order and I don't even have anyone to blame this on...except well maybe myself, but really where's the fun in that?