It's comfort read time...

Quiet Nights - Mary Calmes

and of course for me this means Mary Calmes. This one was short and I have to admit part of the book was ok but really just ok. What was for me the best part of the story wasn't in fact the main plot, it was when Kel went to dinner at Coz's mom's and her boyfriend answered the door. This would be the boyfriend that no one was aware of.


Having an adult child of my own I was so able to relate to this scene and I laughed uproariously, thankfully I was not reading this in the middle of the night as is my usual. By the time I was done reading this part of the story alone and placing my kid in Coz's shoes because yes like Coz, mine would be the one running to get the vodka I was laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face. I don't know if other people found this particular scene funny but it just resonated with me because lets face it we all know how much we want to hear about our parents having a sex life and Coz's mom definitely dwelled in the land of full disclosure longer than was necessary and I do believe this was for her own personal entertainment and mine ;-)


So the rest of the story it was ok and for the most part fairly trademark Mary Calmes. I very much wish there had been more. Not tons but I think if there had been more of the actual Kel & Coz part of the story, a little more between Kel and Lassiter and maybe a bit more Hutch Crowley. I'm not sure I just felt like more would have helped. Well that and the fact that once again I got a book that the publisher listed as 80 pages, it showed on my e-reader as 74, fair enough I know page numbers vary from format to format so I'm cool with this. But at somewhere around page 57 I ran out of story. So no this was not an 80 page story hell we didn't even get close to page number 74 forget 80. Nearly 20 pages of author bio (which I'm cool with all books have this) and only 1 or 2 pages were actually taken up by this and then there was all the rest. With all the rest being book promo for the rest of Ms Calmes books and that's cool too but what isn't cool is telling me I'm getting something I'm not which was 80 pages of story. Admittedly this is a pet peeve of mine and I will probably continue to bitch & kvetch about it whenever it happens.