Sweetest shifters, EVER!!!!

He's Just Knot That Into You - Nico Jaye

This is my second,  oops make that third read by this author. I know, I know I'm behind in my reading. Ok now that we have that out of the way in the interest of full disclosure Nico and I have been friends on GR and here BL for a while. In case you missed that in my review of 'Different Strokes' one of Nico's earlier books. So if you think that my review is based on friendship and not what I honestly thought of this book, please feel free to move on at this point. My feelings are good.


Now here's what I'm thinking. I loved this book it was so incredibly sweet with a touch of different. Tanner and Jon were simply adorable together and well the sex was pretty hot too. I couldn't decide if I wanted a cold shower or a cigarette after some of it.


'He's Just Knot That Into You' had a slightly different twist to the shifter mating issue but not so different that I had trouble getting my mind around it and believing it. There were some very entertaining moments...note to Tanner, when ordering things on-line and having them delivered to your place of employment you might want to wait until you get the parcel home to open it. You could save yourself a whole lot of embarrassment, just sayin' dude, it's worth considering...


'He's Just Knot That Into You' was fun, it was light, low angst with a twist of different and after having read a couple of books that were a bit on the longer side the length of this story worked well for me also at just around 125 pages, not too short but not to long either.


I really enjoyed this story.  Tanner and Jon are just freakin' adorable. I'd be happy to read more of them or if there are any other shifters floating around in that lovely imagination of the authors that would be good too.