It wasn't The Thatcher Brothers, but still worth reading...

Drive Your Truck - Julia Talbot

'Drive Your Truck' was an enjoyable read by an author who created one of my favorite series, The Thatcher Brothers, Jed & Ross are two of the sexiest, funniest, hard lovin' rednecks ever and their men, well they need to be pretty special in their own right to hold their own and handle these brothers.


I went into this wanting basically more of the same. Strong alpha men who were willing to do what it took to get what they wanted. Part way into the story I wasn't sure that was what I was going to get. But I was determined to stick with it and I'm glad I did. Walt and Garrison were no Jed and Eli or Ross and Tank but they can hold their own and I came to really like them. Walt may be firmly entrenched in his closet but Garrison is definitely the key to getting the door open if he can just get a hold of his adrenaline junkie needs long enough for Walt to step outside the door and see that loving this ex-Navy SEAL will give him enough excitement to curb his risk taking.


I felt like the ending of this book definitely allowed for more and I'm really hoping there is more because Walt and Garrison were really good together and to be honest I'm hoping that we get to see something good happen for Kylie, Walt's sister and Garrison's brother's widow. I liked her a lot.


However on the other side of the coin I would like to have a few minutes with Shila, Walt's so called friend, can I just say here "Woman he's suppose to be your friend it's not up to you to tell him who he can or can't love and how he needs to conduct his life. He's your FRIEND, your job is to have his back and support him not pass judgment on him. So fuck you! You don't deserve to be friends with him." Ok, I feel so much better now.


And let me just add this cover is perfect the title the picture...just gorgeous. I'm not even sure how I could begin to explain the importance of that truck so I think I'll just say read the book and then you'll understand. I'm really hoping that 'Drive Your Truck' is the beginning of Walt and Garrison's story and I'm looking forward to more about these two.