Beauty And The Bookworm - Nick Pageant

'Do not read this book in bed if you don't sleep alone'. I learned this the hard way because even though I have a wonderful, loving and patient husband. If he doesn't get his beauty sleep, he can get a titch grumpy and having your wife lie in bed giggling and laughing is not conducive to getting sleep.


It's been a while since I read a story like this, one that had me smiling and laughing, reading parts of it to my hubby so he could laugh with me. 'Beauty and the Bookworm' poked my funny bone from start to finish.


It's a sweet, funny little romance story told from the perspective of Mason, a cardigan wearing, self-effacing, librarian whose idea of a really good time is...you guessed it, reading a book...wait a minute...that's my idea of good time too, I knew there was something I really liked about this guy. However, Mason might be a little extreme in his execution of this concept or at least he was until Shane jogs into his life and that is when the fun really begins...now, throw in a few interesting characters and I do mean interesting and what you have is one sexy, cute, fun and funny story.