More Mason, more Shane and yes, more laughs...

Boo! (Beauty And The Bookworm Book 2) - Nick Pageant

'Boo' is a short enjoyable addition to 'Beauty and the Bookworm' and would be an excellent read for Halloween time had I been able to wait that long, but honestly I felt I'd waited long enough so I jumped right in after finishing 'Beauty and the Bookworm' and I make no apologies for this.


'Boo' offers us a chance to revisit Mason and Shane as they go off to investigate the strange goings on at the lighthouse where Mason's Grandmother and her partner Millie are staying and we are once again given the opportunity to enjoy this adventure as told from Mason's tongue-in-cheek perspective.


Be warned this story is also not advisable for bedtime reading...unless your partner has earplugs and is willing to use them because you might find yourself having a hard time containing your laughter on more than one occasion. Short, cute, sexy and funny continues in the form of 'Boo'.