Sometimes things go very wrong before you can get it right...

Getting It Right (The Restoration Series) - A.M. Arthur

I first encountered the character of James Taggert in A.M. Arthur's series 'Belonging' he interested me. In book 2 he came on a little too strong with Ezra but luckily he got himself in check before things went past the point of no return and he seemed to be sincerely regretful of his behavior so I was intrigued. I like a person who not only recognizes but is willing to take ownership of their mistakes. We all make them, it's how we deal with them that shows the true nature of our character and defines us. I saw enough of James to be intrigued. Then he was back in book 3 when he offered and eventually ended up helping Romy in his professional capacity as a Psychologist and now we get to see more of what happens when that professional image is shed at the end of the day. Nate, on the other hand, didn't enter the story until we relived the events of book 2 through James's memories in this book making him a bit of a mystery at first.


Dr. James 'Tag' Taggert and Detective Nate Wolf have been friends for close to half their lives and during that time James has harboured a secret love for his straight friend. While Nate has firmly locked away any feelings other than the friendship he shares with James. Both men have their own demons to deal with and after a confrontation between the two men that doesn’t go the way Nate had expected. Nate's demons grow and he runs away from everything. Getting It Right is the story of what happens when he comes back and the struggle that these two men have dealing with life's challenges both the known and the unknown as they try to resolve their issues and build something together that will last.


I know I wouldn't have enjoyed 'Getting It Right' nearly as much as I did without having read at least books 2 & 3 from the Belonging series. There was a lot going on in this book and James's side of this story relied on the reader’s familiarity with events that transpired in those books.


“We all have flaws. Maybe most of mine are on the inside, but when I look at you, Nate, I don’t see any flaws. I don’t see scars. I see you. I want to see every single part of you on display for me, because all of it is perfect.”


This was the moment I'd been waiting for the one that grabbed me and let me know these two men were right for each other. I admit it I devoured this book from start to finish. It kept my mind turning and spinning trying to figure out where everything would go from page to page. I'm not sure what or who comes next in this series I'm guessing  maybe Elliot since...nope scratch that I cheated and checked and next is Riley and Boxer...mmmmm...Riley, I admit I'm rather partial to that name, so I'm in.


I loved this book. Was it perfect? No, but it was very enjoyable for me, however, I would strongly encourage anyone wanting to read it to start with the series Belonging also by A.M. Arthur. (No Such Thing, Maybe This Time & Stand By You).