Oh the angst of it all...

The Truth As He Knows It - A.M. Arthur

'The Truth as He Knows It' is book #1 in a new series by an author that I am rather fond of A.M. Arthur. I've read most of her books (upon looking there are 2 that I have somehow missed, I shall endeavor to remedy this in the near future).


This book has prompted a bit of a discussion with some friends in regards to the angst level. The biggest question being 'how much angst is too much?' My take on this has a number of components the main one being that this is definitely a matter of individual opinion. For me because really I'm the only person I can speak for with any amount of certainty. I have to honestly admit I think I did just about hit the wall on this one. The angst started to become too predictable and expected. Predictable in that relatively early in the book there was an event with one character's brother that lead me with a fair amount of certainty to draw what ended up being a very accurate conclusion.


Shane/Jody/Colby's brother has a heart attack. Then at the end of the book when the angst has already hit epic levels he dies. Jason was such an important part of Jody's life, to a very large degree his protector, role model, big brother, best friend. I guess sometimes it's true only the good die young.

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(If you read this and are going to read the book and are now cursing me all I can say is 'you were warned')


Honestly folks, I saw this coming a mile away and that just made me sad because while predictability can sometimes be a nice trait. Not in a book, I don't want to know what's going to happen until it happens. I realize that there are times when it's inevitable that the end result of something is predictable that's ok, but not when it's something as big as this was.



So that was the biggest thing in this story that bothered me. However, in spite of that I still enjoyed this overall it kept me engaged and I have to admit Noel and Jody were pretty damned hot together.


So in general we have a cop (Noel) who does have his own issues and a deli worker by day/stripper by night hottie. Who if you've read the short stories for this authors series 'Cost of Repairs' you will have encountered before and a metric ton of issues. I know for some it was just more angst than needed and to be honest I agree. I think there would still have been an interesting story there even if half of the angst inducers had been removed. But it was, what it was and while I wouldn't want every story to have this much bad stuff in the lives of the MCs from time to time I can handle it. I'm looking forward to the next book and I've got my fingers crossed as to who I hope it's about but at the end of it all I'll just have to wait and see.

For those of you who have read this I'm hoping for Tristan and Gabe. Gabe fascinated me and I want to know what his story is and I honestly believe he would be good for Tristan.

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