Carry On Cattle Valley...

Welcome to Lobster Cove - Carol Lynne

So is anyone but me old enough to remember the British series of movies that were referred to as the 'Carry On Movies'. I know I'm showing my age first it was Sherry Lewis and Lambchop and now it's a series of movies that ironically actually started the same year as me...1959. Yep, me, Carry On movies and Barbie. It's turning into quit the year.


But, what you might wonder does all this have to do with Lobster Cove? Well, we can call it Lobster Cove and we can say this is the first book in the Lobster Cove series because technically it is, but in reality it's Cattle Valley with a little  change of scenery and some new faces thrown into the mix. The stories follow the same basic format and some of the Cattle Valley regulars show up from time to time, although none of them were on page for this book, I have little fear that we'll see them in future books and that's cool. I'm a Cattle Valley addict so give me my fix.


This story was all about the new characters. We have Dante and his feisty best friend Ava. Dante is relocating from New York to open up a small upscale restaurant in Lobster Cove and Ava is his sister by choice and what else do Dante and Ava have in common, you might ask...well they both got screwed over by Dante's best friend and business partner. Dante's leaving town and Ava needing a change of scenery decides that he's not leaving without her...end of story...done deal. And that is how these two ended up in Lobster Cove, Maine...hey, do you think this is anywhere near Cabot Cove because then maybe we could get a visit from Jessica Fletcher, you know star of Murder She Wrote. That would be so cool and yes, I do know that Jessica Fletcher's not real but neither is Lobster Cove. So from that perspective anything's possible isn't it?


Sorry, I squirreled, back to our story. Along with Dante and Ava we get to meet Boone and his brother Landon or Laddy as Boone likes to call him. Laddy is adorable and deals with the challenges of Downs Syndrome I believe he is on the higher end of the functioning scale from what we are given to understand.


As well we get peeks here and there at some of the characters from the previous book 'Journey to Lobster Cove' which was the connecting book between the original series 'Cattle Valley' and this first book of the 'Lobster Cover' series.


Rating this book was a bit of a challenge for me because when I compare it to other books that I've read it's definitely not 5 stars but it's not 1 star either. So I decided the best way for me to rate this book was to compare it to where it came from Cattle Valley and in the scheme of the Cattle Valley books it had a bit more merit for me. One because it's Maine and well...Jessica Fletcher lived in Maine right, so that gets it points right there. two I just seem to be addicted to these books and no I don't know why. Now number three and this is the kicker the reason that this book got 3.5 stars from me and not the usual 2 or 3. I just adored Ava and Laddy. I liked them both and want to see more of them...and...well...dammit, there were kittens and who doesn't love kittens?