These are the boys momma should have warned me about, but didn't...

Guns n' Boys Season 1 Episode 1 - K.A. Merikan

Guns n' Boys is my first foray into the writings of K.A. Merikan. For those not familiar with this author it is actually a writing duo comprised of Kat & Agnes Merikan and the only reason I know this is because it says so in the author's bio. The writing in this book was seamless and had the bio not told me this information it's not something I would have even suspected based on the story I read.


Boys n' Guns is a bit on the dark side. It's set in the world of the Sicilian mob, Chinese Triads, Russian gangsters and probably some of those other words that simply boil down to 'the bad guys'...the seriously bad guys you know the ones who kill for a living, the bad boys our momma's didn't warn us about but really should have. Unfortunately this story is about two men born to this world one who shouldn't have been his name is Seth and the other Domenico born as they say on the wrong side of the sheets but the one given the ability to rule this world. So basically it's just all kinds of f*?ked up.


Seth is in some ways a fascinating character. Mostly I have to admit I want to punch him in the throat. I find him to be incredibly whiney and at times juvenile but I've also discovered that I have a lot of compassion for him as well. He didn't ask for the life that's being shoved at him. He never wanted it and if anything was sheltered from it and then did his best to escape it by going to New York only to get dragged  back into against his will. So in spite of the fact that l do find him whiney at times I feel compelled to cut him some slack because I honestly can see where he would be a very different person were he given the chance to have a different ultimately he intrigues me in a way because there are 3 more stories to read and who knows where that will take his character development.


Now, Domenico for many different reasons is an equally fascinating character. At first it doesn't seem it but as events unfold it became obvious to me that he no more chose his life than Seth did. But circumstance has created a totally different person in Dom. He's strong both physically and mentally. He can get the job done and knows what needs to be done. He's very much an adaptor and a product of his environment and yet he's also more.


So two very different men, who at the heart of this story appear to have more in common than either realizes. I'm curious to see what happens now that their paths have crossed again. Hopefully it will end better this time around.


This series was recommended to me by my friends Ele and Shez with a side endorsement from Sandra. So 3 friends saying "You need to read this." how could I not, thanks ladies. I am enjoying this and I'm on to the next book.