Seth finally earns some redemption...

Guns n' Boys: Book 1, Part 2 - K.A. Merikan

Book 1 part 2 of Boys 'n Guns was again a bit of an exercise in patience for me as I bounced back and forth between wanting to smack Seth and tell him to grow  up, hug him because he didn't ask for all this garbage in his life and I truly don't believe he deserves the things that are being done to him. Then just when I was wondering if my friends weren't yanking my chain a little by telling me to hang in there with Seth because he gets better, he comes through and...well...I do believe our boy is starting to man-up.


I find myself fascinated by the dynamics of this relationship. For as much as Dom and Seth want to be together it's a want that puts them both at risk. Exposure could easily mean death for both of them but walking away is an option that neither of them is willing to take. I've come to the conclusion that Dom and Seth's relationship is definitely not what would be called a healthy relationship but given their environment and the upbringing that they each had, especially Dom. The fact that these two men are even trying to have a relationship is pretty impressive. These men come from a world where the word relationship is synonymous with 'how can I use you to further my goals'. Everyone has their own agenda and will do whatever they need to, to further it.


I forgot to mention I'm also pretty impressed with all the hot sex these two manage to squeeze in with weddings and unexpected visitors and people trying to either run or end their lives at times this seems like it might be the least of their concerns but when the adrenaline rush hits they are all over each other and it's simply smokin' hot. 


I definitely want to read more and find out where this is going and find out what it's going to take for Dom and Seth to have a life together. Thankfully book 2 is waiting on my e-reader for me to read right after I get done finding out what happened in Paris at Christmastime.