It's Christmas time in the city...

Guns n' Boys : Paris (gay romance) - K.A. Merikan

This was just a fun side trip that gives the reader a peek into what happened in Paris when Dom took Seth there for Christmas. I'm not sure it was essential to the overall story but it certainly was fun and I liked it.


It was worth the read just for the scene where they showed up at their accommodations to be met by Dom's ex (and yes if you want to know more you'll need to read the story and yes you do want to know more really you do) and then there was the make-up sex in a most enlightening locale, followed by a bit of skating and did I mention Dom doesn't skate? And ending with a trip to the market where Dom uses his considerable charm to assist a young man in rethinking his current employment choices. Yep, just one little bundle of holiday fun in Paris. Now I'm ready to move on to book 2 Homicidal Instincts even the title sounds promising...yeah, let's go with promising.