This little piggy went to market...and this little piggy...

Guns n' Boys: Homicidal Instinct (Book 2) (gay dark mafia erotic romance) - K.A. Merikan

That's right there are piggy's and chickens and who knows what all in this story because our boys end up at a market with a lot of Elvis impersonators apparently.


Dom and Seth are on the run there's a price on their heads and frankly Dom's head has gotten a little rattled so he's having to rely on Seth to keep them alive and if you read the last couple of books or even my reviews then you know this is so not a good thing. Thankfully for all concerned Dom seems to have retained his natural survival instincts and I definitely tip my hat to Seth he's doing the best he can and he's determined to keep Dom alive no matter what the challenge. 


I have to admit Seth has finally grown on me and while he still has his moments where I'm not so sure that a smack upside the head would be amiss they are getting fewer and farther apart, although a couple of the ones that he had this time around were pretty epic.


This story is really starting to reach it's stride and I'm enjoying each book a bit more than the one before. I like the subtle humor that flows throughout and the way Dom and Seth's relationship had to redevelop because of events that transpired in book 1 part 2.  Also while I'm not a person who would normally advocate for excessive violence, even in my fiction, I am totally down with whatever Dom did to Vincente all of it because in spite of my initial and to a small degree continuing irritation with Seth, he is too sweet and gentle natured for such violence to be perpetrated on and by his own brother? No, just no.


For me Seth has become that sweet and naïve friend who needs to be sheltered and protected from the ugly side of life and if not by his own big brother than who? He may drive you batshit crazy at times but you couldn't imagine not having him there to put a smile on your face when you need it most. Luckily for Seth, Dom has taken on the role of protector whether either of them realize it or not.


Overall I really, really enjoyed this book and it was the clincher for me. I will definitely be waiting for the next one to be released which I understand from my friends will be later this summer.