Want to have a good time...

Shiny! - Amy Lane

then read this book. If you've read Amy Lane then I probably don't really need to say anything more. But if you haven't and you enjoy the m/m genre you are missing out...seriously and Shiny is a very good place to start to fix that.


Will and Kenny meet at what for each of them is a low point in their lives but also a very fortuitous one. This is not insta-love. It's two men who meet and connect as friends and discover that they have more in common than just a bad day...a really bad day. Will has been let go from his teaching job. A job that he loves and Kenny has come home to find his partner sharing his love in their bed with another man. As Will is leaving his job for the last time he backs into Kenny's trash can spilling it's rather unusual contents onto the street and this is how our MCs meet for the first time. An unlikely meeting to be sure but one that Ms Lane turns into a wonderful tale of friends to lovers.


As always Amy Lane has filled her story with believable characters that make you want to share their journey. Will and Kenny are the guy next door and not straight off of the cover of GQ. They're not independently wealthy or self made millionaires. Will is struggling to keep himself in his craptastic little apartment with his teaching job and a web design business he has on the side; while Kenny has just started to really establish his career as a graphic designer and lives in a small little house located across the road from the school where Will was working in a slightly questionable neighbourhood.


Neither of these men were the captain of the football team or track stars, they're not from the popular in-crowd that everyone wants to be a part of. They're just nice everyday average men who want what most of us want a job that pays the bills and someone to share their everyday lives with anything more is a bonus, a little icing on their cake.


I enjoy a good makin' it with the millionaire or a hot biker dude or even a good highlander story like everyone else after all that's why I read fiction so I can fall into a story about something that will take me away from the everyday world but sometimes it's really nice to read a story about someone from the everyday world finding slice of their own happiness as well and if it happens to be laced with a nice dose of humor and I'm left smiling and happy at the end of the story and my faith in the fact that it's ok to be just an everyday person has been reaffirmed in my eyes that's a story worth reading. 


and if that doesn't convince you there's the fact that Kenny reads Jim Butcher (yes, I am a Jim Butcher fan so this did make me squee a bit) or maybe you want to find out why Will was wondering this...


'How could he have had a cock for twenty-eight years and never known that they were the best playground equipment known to man?'


 You'll never know if you don't read the book because I'm not telling ;)