Short and smexy and not really big on plot...

The Biker's Pup - Sean Michael

Ok so short book short review. Biker meets pup (an affectionate term for a submissive) at a Gay Rider's Carnival fundraiser weekend (and isn't that a mouthful). Pup is in trouble big hunky biker rescues pup. Insta-lust occurs. Pup and Biker get it on have a fun weekend and that's it they're heading home together because a fun weekend at a carnival filled with copious amounts of sex makes for a lifetime commitment.


Ok maybe not but it was fiction and at some point it needs to deviate from reality or it's not really fiction is it? This was short, it was sexy and it was just  a fun little read. I enjoyed it but I didn't go to the carnival expecting more than what was being offered, so no disappointment was to be  had.


If you're looking for a short fun read that won't strain any brain cells this will work. If you want something more intellectual you'll probably want to move on but come back when you want to visit the carnival and have some sexy times you might like this one ;)