Just a little road trip with Hound...uuummm I mean Kevin...

Running Away to Home - Chris Owen

'Running Away to Home' is a short (less than 50 pages) story about Hound one of the cowboys that we meet in Chris Owen's book 'Bareback'. Hound didn't have a big part in the book but enough that I knew I liked him. He was young and chatty and upbeat. In general I found him to be adorable.  Unfortunately in Bareback he falls for the wrong person. Wrong as in already taken not a bad person by any means just not available to him. Ironically if you're not paying close attention when reading 'Bareback' you miss the clues as to the who and why of his leaving and are left more with the impression that Hound, or Kevin as he decides to go by in this book, just decided it was time to move on.


Now we get to find out the details of why he really left the ranch and what happens to him while he's travelling and where he ends up. Kevin's journey is partly to help him get over his unrequited love, partly to help him find out more about himself and what he wants out of life, but he's also looking for a place where he can feel like he belongs and maybe someone to share that with never guessing that when he stops at a small town garage to give his motorcycle some much needed attention that more than his bike is about to get fixed.


I love this story and I loved seeing Kevin get a HEA with someone who was more than happy to return his love and of course I'd really love more Kevin and Del.