It's the end of the trail...

Natural Disaster - Chris Owen

'Natural Disaster' is the final re-read from Jake and Tor's story. It's probably been at least a couple of years since I read these books and I really enjoyed revisiting this series. This one wasn't as angst filled as 'Bareback' but I still found it to be equally as interesting.  The sex was less frequent but definitely every bit as intense as the first book. Jake and Tor are now the ranch owners and along with adjusting to such a huge responsibility they suddenly find themselves dealing with the loss of Jake's sister whom he has only recently been reunited with, this happened in Bareback. As a result of this loss they take on the responsibility of parenting a teenager, Jake's nephew Jacob. So not as much relationship angst between Jake and Tor but several real life stressors added to the relationship for them to deal with as a couple and they do. Not without a disagreement here or there or having to do 'that damned talking thing'.


Interestingly 'Natural Disaster' also brought with it a shift in the dynamics between these two men, one that I'd forgotten about. During this story for the most part it's Tor who becomes the practical, level headed one...the voice of reason if you will. I enjoyed seeing this side of Tor. The strength of his love and commitment to Jake simply melted me and really made me feel like he was truly sorry for his transgressions that occurred in 'Bareback' and I liked seeing that follow through from the first story to this one. Unfortunately what I don't like is the follow through from this book to the next book 1 in the 'Never Too Early' series by Chris Owen and Tory Temple, but that's another story for another review.


Jake and Tor are definitely at the top of the Hot Cowboy list for me and revisiting them really has been a fun trip but now it's time to move on to other stories and maybe I'll find another cowboy or two along the way.