I should have seen this coming...

Kentucky 98 Proof - K.C. Kendricks

After reading the last .Men of Marionville' and being more than a little disappointed I should have maybe seen it coming that this was not going to be an awesome read. I've been reading books by this author for a while now and up until 'Dreams to Sell' they've been pretty consistent 4 or 5 star reads with a couple of very solid 3 stars thrown in. I had hopes for this story I truly did...they were misplaced.


For me 'Kentucky 98 Proof' was boring. There is  just no other word for it and that's not because it didn't have a lot of drama and angst, I've read some books that were really good and totally lacking in either of those two elements. There was just no pizazz here, nothing that made me sit up and take notice of either of the MC's, well except Boone's 9" glock that he was packing in his sheriff's pants (yes this is a euphemism for the word penis)  and wasn't it nice of him not hold it against Vic, our other MC that he only had 7 1/2, maybe 8 inches but hey it's not what ya' got it's how you use it and that ladies and gents was one of the highlights of this story well that and Ranger, Vic's dog but let's face it dogs and cats can save just about any story or at least rescue it to some degree...Ranger tried I'm sure he did.


This was another case of 'the pretty cover that lied to me' and unfortunately for me the ending was the final nail in this story's coffin. It as abbreviated, took a time jump here and there and over all lacking. I strongly recommend having some of Kentucky's finest 98 Proof on hand if you feel up to tackling this one or maybe  consider reading the author's Victory or Sundown series either of which I enjoyed a great deal more.