Ok so I only thought I hated Dima...

(Watch Me) Break You (Run This Town, #1) - Avril Ashton

'(Watch Me) Break You' was for me a pretty hardcore BDSM story compared to the stuff that went down in this one for the most part my readings in this area have been mild. Surprisingly that aspect of the story didn't really bother me and from my perspective it was an integral part of the relationship between these two characters.


This is the story of Dima and Xavier, leaders of rival gangs. X or Xavier is more of a behind the scenes type of guy and Dima got his responsibility through course of events his brother ended up in jail and dad died that's it Dima the gangs yours want it or not...fate. For most of the book X knows who Dima is, but Dima has no clue about X. He believes him to be a big shot lawyer.


Dima of course doesn't do relationships so his solution to his escalating feelings for X is to objectify him and for a lot of the story he mentally refers to X as his 'toy'. Yes, I do still want to punch him in the junk for this it was irritating as all hell. There were so many things about Dima that drove me nuts, made me hate him, want X to walk away from him and I wished a thousand plagues on Dima or at least I thought I did until I realized that while I may not like Dima. I really liked X and X really liked Dima and the two characters worked really, really well together. So I basically threw up my hands admitted defeat and stayed up until lord knows what hour of the night so that I could finish the story and sleep peacefully. In other words I really liked this one it was dark, gritty, over the top with violence and emotion and sucked me in like a black hole...and there's a kitty but you'll have to read the book if you want to find out his role in this story ;)