My reward for having read book #2...

(Watch Me) Unmask You - Avril Ashton

'(Watch Me) Unmask You' is the third book in Avril Ashton's 'Run This Town' series and right now I'm thinking if you read book two this is your reward for having done that because 'HOLY CRAP' this book is ridiculously better than the second one.


I honestly don't even know where to begin. Oh...wait, I do know where to begin. Thank you Ele for telling me how much better you liked this book than book 2 because there were more than a few times that I found myself muttering 'Ele said book 3 was her favorite so it's got to get better after this one.' that was my mantra 'because Ele said so.' and Ele was right.


There was way more plot and it was way more interesting. I got to find out more about Tek. Hopefully we'll get the whole story about him and Quinn in '(Watch Me) Save You' book #4 in this series and unfortunately not yet released but if it's as good as this one, I'll happily wait.


Back to our story. This is Elias's story and he's floated around the fringes of books 1 & 2 but now he gets centre stage and we find out about him and his husband Lucky. Their story is dark and filled with secrets and lies and murder and love. I wasn't sure that I could like Elias any more after I began to discover and realize some of the shit he'd done because at times it was seriously fu*ked up and Lucky was just...well, he was Lucky and he was unique and strong and he deserved to have someone special. I really, really adored him. But surprisingly by the time the dust had settled I felt like Lucky was really...well for want of a better word...lucky to have Elias because he'd gotten what he deserved...someone special. I would never want the person I love to have to do the things that Elias did but to know that someone loved me enough to be willing to do whatever it took to keep me safe and make me happy even if what it took was their safety, their well being and happiness...well that's pretty humbling and amazing to know that you mean that much to even just one person.


If you've read book 2 and are thinking maybe now's the time to quit (yes, I did have that thought) hang in there because this right here is your reward.


Oh and before I forget can I just say 'Mad girl' is the cutest nickname ever. Every time Elias or Lucky called Maddie that I just smiled and laughed...then again maybe my sense of humor is slightly warped, who knows?