Who says you can't go home...

Mariner's Luck - Kirby Crow

'Mariner's Luck' is the second book in Kirby Crow's series 'Scarlet and the White Wolf' the main focus of this one seemed to be the development of Liall & Scarlet's relationship as they travelled to Liall's homeland. Scarlet has proven himself to be brave and courageous beyond measure as he comes to Liall's rescue on more than one occasion and Liall is no less fearless in his attempts to protect Scarlet from harm.


Unfortunately part of Liall's efforts to protect Scarlet involves keeping secrets and in a relationship that rarely, if ever, goes well. The romance between Liall and Scarlet flows throughout the story as a subtle steady undercurrent never really taking centre stage nor does it step off to the wings. It is a constant hum that drew me along and kept me wanting more. I like that this story is relying on an actual plot and interaction between the MC's to develop their relationship.


For me this was the connecting piece between where the story started in Scarlet's native land and where it will ultimately end in Liall's homeland or possibly beyond (I haven't read book 3 yet, so who knows?) and while the author could have chosen to do this in a few pages at the end of the first book or the beginning of the third book I really enjoyed the that this 4 month voyage was given more attention than that. A lot of Liall and Scalet's relationship happened on this voyage and I liked that it wasn't rushed or condensed into a few pages but given the time to unfold in a more believable manner.


I have little if any doubt that when I get done book 3 like so many of my friends who have read this series I will be clamoring for the next book, but at least I'll have lots of good company. I'm off to read book 3 because really the only thing I can add here is if you love fantasy and m/m works for you. YOU need to check this series out.