Somethings may be cliche but it doesn't make them bad...

Into the Light - Carter Quinn

'Out of the Darkness' and 'Into the Light' such appropriate cliché titles for these books. In book one we met Avery we watched him step out of the dark place where he would go to hide from the world and himself. Avery had the life that no child, no person every deserves to have and watching him as fought back to find himself and reclaim his life and ultimately fall in love was sweet and heartbreaking all at once. I loved that first book for so many personal reasons that have everything to do with me and nothing to do with this book so I'm not going to go into them other than to say that they are a big part of why this book with these characters has burrowed so deeply into my heart and I have no interest in changing that.


'Into the Light' was a chance to revisit Avery and Noah and all their friends to see how much Avery has grown and to see the strength with which he handles even more changes to his life. Noah and Avery have been together for over a year now and their life is moving forward. They're a couple making their own home and continuing to learn more about each other with each passing day.


I'm not sure I'd so much consider that this was a story with a plot so much as a glimpse at someone's journal, someone being Avery alternating with Noah. This may sound boring to some people but it was anything but. There's so much going on in Avery's life still and things happen that are very unexpected. Seeing how Avery deals with the events that transpire is yet another example of the growth and healing that is happening within Avery. While Sam is still very much a part of Avery's life and his big brother the focus in this book was for the most part more strongly on how Avery is dealing with things on his own or with the help of his partner Noah. Although I did have a moment of being more than a little unhappy with Sam, but suffice it to say the moment passed.


Out of the Darkness held many strong emotional moments for me. I gave way to both laughter and tears. Into the Light did not fail me emotionally either, it just gave me more smiles and laughter than tears. In the end this book could stand as the authors final note in Avery's story, but I hope not because it really does allow for more and I would love to curl up on my patio with Avery, Noah and their family again on some warm summer day in the future. Mostly because...who wouldn't want to know more about this cute little fella'


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