Sometimes you have to loose something before you realize...

In Search of Saints - Harper Fox

How much it really meant to you.


Interestingly enough here again we have a case of one MC not treating the other MC as well as he should. Mitch is an historian whose research has been stolen by his ex-lover,  Lewis and Mitch knows he should despise Lewis for this betrayal and he does but at the same time he knows he still loves or thinks he loves Lewis. Owen is the admin assistant who silently supports and loves Mitch. My feelings about Mitch were a bit conflicted because I understood his anger and frustration at what Lewis had done at the same time recognizing that emotions aren't something we turn on and off like water facets. How his head felt and how his heart felt weren't quite in sync with each other. I appreciated that he recognized that Owen was for all intents and purposes a better person than Lewis, but love doesn't always follow logic does it?


I liked Owen a lot. He was the kind of person who frequently tends to go unnoticed. He was solid and dependable, loyal, constant, reliable, calm and patient. So many wonderful qualities that often tend to be considered dull or boring. But when you're in a relationship for the long haul and you want it to be a lifetime thing and if you're lucky you eventually come to realize that these are the qualities that can make it work, make it last. Just because a person has these qualities it doesn't mean that they're dull or boring. It means that they're the person you can rely on, the one who will have your back and not stick a knife in it at the first opportunity that proves to be advantageous to them.


Watching Mitch as he looses his perspective on what's really important and how Owen is there for him in spite of everything was heartbreaking and at the same time only helped to endear Owen to me more and more as I quietly cheered for Mitch to come to his senses and realize that what matters most isn't always about what the rest of the world thinks but what you know and want once you get your head and your heart in agreement.


'In Search of Saints' definitely put me back on track with Harper Fox.