I still don't do Zombies...but...apparently...

Kick at the Darkness - Keira Andrews

I love Creepers or at least I love Kiera Andrews Creepers.


This was an awesomely fun buddy read with 3 of my fantabulous friends, Jewel, Renee and Sandi.


Admittedly I would have enjoyed this book even if I'd read it all by myself, but since this is something that doesn't quite fall within my usual scope of reading who knows when that might have happened so a buddy read was just the ticket for me.


Now what can I say about this story. It was so much better than I could have ever anticipated. Yes, Parker did start out as a bit of a whiney, self-absorbed brat as witnessed by the fact that he found himself in the middle of a Zombie (actually Creeper) Apocalypse with no clue what was going on and yet in spite of this I liked Parker a lot. 


Parker and Adam were initially a rather unlikely pairing but time and circumstance created a scenario that neither of these young men could have ever imagined and soon they were depending on each other for survival.


As my friend Jewel said in her review, which is awesome by the way and you should go read it, this is a story about the human condition and front and centre it's a love story, it's a scary tale of how what brings out the best in one person can expose the worst in others (see Renee, I read your fab review too) and as if this isn't enough there's the whole sexy thing with a side order of gross (yes, Sandi, your lovely concise and to the point review was also read). Ok so my point here is there are at least 3 terrific reviews out there...no wait there is also Dani's, Eleftheria's, GIgi's, Nick's...you get my point there are a lot of good reviews out there so if you're still not sure about this book for goodness sake pop on over to GR and check them out or save yourself the time get the book and read it. It's good...hell it's fantastic and it's amazing if you grab a buddy or two and read it with them. Trust me I know ;)