Sam & Jory learn to time travel...I mean Jeritt & Frost...

Judgment - Mary Calmes

go back in time to rescue Jory's brother/boss Jeritt's partner/friend and things don't go as planned.  Jory...uuummm, I mean Jeritt gets trapped in the past and Sam...dammit, I mean Frost (Shades of Merry Gentry anyone?) gets sent back to an uncertain future.


Meanwhile Jory Jeritt gets himself and his brother, best friend, Dane I mean Brekin...ok, I'm sure if you've read any amount of Mary Calmes by now you get my point the names and setting may change but the basic character foundations bear strong resemblances to one another and while I may joke about this, I have honestly come to the conclusion that it's one of the things I like about this author. It's why I think of her stories as comfort food and devour them unapologetically. Yes, some work out better than others but still all in all I enjoy them and am constantly on the lookout for the next one.


I liked the change in setting for this story we started in the future and went back in time and truthfully if Ms Calmes decides to 'go back to the future' (Oh yeah, pun intended) again I'm hopping on that DeLorean for the journey especially if these guys are on board, I liked them and I'd definitely be down with more of their story.