Just My Style turned out not to be...

Just My Style - J.M. Snyder

On the surface this sounded really cute. Jai owns an upscale salon with his friend Kiki and it's his turn to open on the morning after they discover there's a problem with the plumbing. So Jai has to find a plumber to get this fixed. Enter Duane one sexy, available in more than one way plumber.


Sounds good right? Come on you know this sounds cute...so what happened you might wonder? Well no one told me that my sexy, cute hairdresser was insecure, self absorbed, needy, immature and has no concept about respecting personal boundaries. I'm sorry this one was a big no for me.

You do not take pictures of someone and then post them on the internet without their express consent, I don't care how fine their  backside is.

(show spoiler)

Oops, I almost forgot our dear Jai tends to be judgemental and condescending as well.



And then we have Jai's business partner and best friend, Kiki. I liked that she was honest with Jai and called him on it when he was behaving like a whiney, insecure little brat.  What I didn't like was the level of immaturity that both of these people displayed when it came to their personal lives. They were suppose to be in their 30s and acted like teenagers most of the time, it was that fine line between youthful and immature and they kept standing on the wrong side of the line.


I just needed Jai to have some good qualities or to at least show them to me and I would have liked it, if it felt like Duane wanted more from Jai than just getting laid. But honestly, Duane just didn't get a lot of character development and I wasn't sure what he wanted beyond the fact that he was hungry so he wanted food and I was pretty sure he wanted Jai for dessert.


So what did I like about this story. It was short, the editing was relatively good. The cover, the men on the cover are Jai and Daune they fit the description. I don't have to look at the cover and wonder "Who the hell are these guys?", I still like the premise of the story it has so much potential.  


This was not my first book by this author and I'm sure it won't be my last. I've read some very fine stories from J.M. Synder and I hope to read more of them. I just won't consider this to be among them.