Bluewater Bay is off to a good start...

Starstruck: A Bluewater Bay Story - L.A. Witt

'Starstruck' is the first book in a mulit-author series entitled 'Bluewater Bay' and for me it got things off to an excellent start.


Levi Pritchard and Carter Samuels are the main couple in this story and while the story was very much focused on their relationship it also offers the reader a peak at the town itself. Carter is a young actor starring in 'Wolf's Landing' a popular television show being taped in Bluewater Bay the town that Levi has chosen to make his home, after walking away from the craziness that is Hollywood.


These two men finally meet after Levi has been offered a role in the show. On impulse Carter stops at the local theatre and introduces himself to Levi hoping that the man he has idolized for years will agree to chat with him. What begins as two actors talking shop slowly morphs into two men finding out how much they have in common and enjoy each others company and ultimately each must face the strength of their desire for the other. it's not easy and things don't happen without misunderstanding and tensions. I loved the way this relationship developed and the personal growth each man goes through, especially Levi. In the end we learn not just a lot about him and how he came to be in Bluewater Bay, we also get a bit of an introduction to the town and glimpses of some of the characters who will be central to future books and I get the feeling will appear randomly throughout the series.


L.A. Witt has done a wonderful job of welcoming us to Bluewater Bay and I'm looking forward to spending more time there.