There really was something about Ari...

There's Something About Ari - L.B. Gregg

'There's Something About Ari' is the second book in the 'Bluewater Bay' series and this one is authored by the wonderful L.B. Gregg.


Ok right off the bat yes, I'm biased on this one. I love L.B. Gregg and this book was an absolute hit with me. Ari was fantastic and Buck was in some ways so messed up I couldn't help but love him. Honestly, both of these men came to the table with issues, lots and lots of issues. Ari was like a steamroller at times he just refused to shut up and he knew he wanted Buck. But knowing, getting and having don't always fall into line. Luckily Ari was determined so much so that for Buck avoiding Ari became impossible because he suddenly found Ari was his neighbour. Unfortunately for Ari, Buck's auto-defense is silence and anger. A combination that never solved any problem easily.


My only complaint guessed less than a 100 pages for me it was too short. I would have happily read another hundred pages of Ari & Buck, but all I got was 95ish more or less and for me they were 95ish pages of wonderful reading and I absolutely loved every word of it.