If these books get any better I think I might spontaneously combust...

Hell on Wheels - Z.A. Maxfield

'Hell On Wheels' is the 3rd book in 'Bluewater Bay' and again it's by an author whose books I absolutely love reading Z.A. Maxfield. So I am very happily and unapologetically sticking with my Hellyeahthisbookwasawesome!!!!! 5 stars!


In general I love that each book is written by a different author it's just so much fun. I feel like I've been turned loose at the all you can eat buffet and I get to sample a little of everything but without the calories.  These authors range anywhere from I haven't read their stuff yet to 'auto-buy' so honestly I am excited to read each book, either because it's a chance for me to read a new or rarely read author such as L.A. Witt or Aleksandr Voinov or to spend time with an author whose books I will buy in a heartbeat such as L.B. Gregg, Z.A. Maxfield or Amy Lane.


I loved 'Hell On Wheels' Nash and his family were so messed up and yet at the same time such a strong family unit. I loved that Spencer saw what an amazing person Nash was and that he had such a warm and loving heart to share with the right person and Nash...he saw Spencer not the actor but the person. I feel like he understood Spencer in a way that others just didn't. Certainly not Peter, the ex.


Speaking of Peter, the ex...he was one of two characters in this story that for me were less than likeable but saying more than that is delving deeper into the story than I want to. Also having said this had these two characters not been in the story it would have been less interesting than it was. As much as we love our protagonist we need our antagonist to keep the balance and these two characters combined with the paparazzi filled that role nicely. 


There was a lot going on in this story besides Nash and Spencer. Nash's family was heading into a time of family transition. Things were changing and changes for a family unit often brings about changes for each individual member.


I really enjoyed the interaction between Nash and his father. Their conversation about the Saavy Sandwich Maker was not only a laugh out loud moment but it was a 'honey, honey I just need to read this to you.' and bless my honey he listened and he had his own laugh out loud moment...we're all going to hell.


I still have books 4, 5 & 6 to go and I am looking forward to all of them but tomorrow I'm jumping into book 7 The Deep of the Sound by Amy Lane with my buddies Eleftheria, Jewel, Renee & Sandi for a buddy read.  I am so excited 'it's Amy Lane and I know this is going to rock'.