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The Deep of the Sound - Amy Lane

'The Deep of the Sound' is book 8 in the 'Bluewater Bay' series. I jumped to it so that I could read it with some of the best Buddy Read ladies around. I shared this Buddy Read with Eleftheria, Jewel, Renee & Sandi. These ladies are one awesomely fun group to read with and this story was one that begged to be shared.


First off it's Amy Lane that right there is an automatic yes for me. I had zero doubt going into this and was not disappointed but I have to admit it's not that often that an author almost has me in tears with the dedication...


"...This is for the parents and the grandparents and the brothers and sister who love their family very much but who just need more help, better help, any help, to keep their family together, to keep their troubled young men and women someplace like home."


This was my first clue that once again Ms Lane was giving me so much more than a love story...she was giving me a story about love. As well as an incredibly wonderful story about two men finding each other and then finding love. This is about family in all it's heartbreaking, frustrating, gut wrenching, agonizing, soul consuming beauty. I have a plaque in my home that says "Family is where your story begins" and in the case of both Avery and Cal this is so poignantly true.


Avery's family consist of his mother and father. As parents these two people are toxic. They are the personification of what a parent should not be. Their love is built on conditions, they are not only not supportive they are critical and nasty...toxic there is no other word for them. The fact that Avery survived them is a testament to his inner strength, the fact that he was able to retain as positive of an attitude as he did about himself and life was amazing.   Add to that a boyfriend who is every bit as nasty and toxic as Avery's parents and really small wonder he decided to pack up and move away.


Family when it's good, it's good. When it's not it can tear you apart...


but what happens when a family is good and loving, but still circumstances conspire to destroy that...parents are taken from children too soon, children are left to care for remaining family, giving up their hopes and dreams along the way, struggling day to day just to keep what they have left...we're told love endures all things, but what about the human heart that it lives in can it endure all things? This is the challenge that faces Cal.


Two men one looking for a future and the other trying to make it to another day. This is the background Ms Lane has given. I adored Avery in all his sweet geeky glory. He was sweet, smart and so much stronger than anyone realized. He didn't know what he would really find in Bluewater Bay but anything was better than what he had. So he went for it...that takes courage.


Cal...Cal with his sweet, volatile brother, Keir, his loving, Alzhiemer afflicted Uncle Nascha. Cal with the weight of the world on his shoulders as he struggled from day to day to make ends meet to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads, to keep up with the much needed medications for Keir and Nascha, money to have someone with them to keep them safe when he couldn't because he had to earn the money. Such a vicious circle and one that Cal was trapped on by his own choice because the alternative was unthinkable.  You don't quit trying not when it's your family and you love them.


Somehow in the midst of their own personal chaos Avery and Cal managed to find each other and fall in love. Neither making anymore of a promise than 'until we can't anymore'.


This was not a smooth or easy trip to happily ever after. It was filled with challenges and obstacles. But, as heartbreaking as the dark moments were the happy moments were like beautiful rays of sunshine that kissed my soul and left me wanting more...


"...Oh that was wonderful. That was the reason the gods let old men live, Cal. So we can watch young men fall in love..."


and this...this is the reason the gods gave us authors like Amy Lane. So that we can read about and share in the heartache and the beauty of those stories.