Cupid, draw back your bow. And let your arrow go...

Lights, Camera, Cupid! - Amy Lane, L.A. Witt, SE Jakes, Anne Tenino, Z.A. Maxfield

Overall I really enjoyed the stories in this Valentine's Day Anthology. Reading this while I was in the process of reading 'The Bluewater Bay' series was perfect timing for me and just worked really well. It was a nice break from the longer stories involved and a chance to go back to some of the characters from stories that I really liked.


Just Another Day by L.A. Witt was a sexy, enjoyable peek at what happens with a couple (being Levi & Carter from Starstruck) have different opinions on a holiday and how sometimes after those opinions clash the true meaning of the holiday is what brings them back together.


'I'll Be There' by Z.A. Maxifield was definitely my favorite. I love Nash & Spencer and this story just made me love them both all the more.


Probably my least favorite story was S.E. Jakes 'No Easy Way'. This one just didn't quite click with me. I didn't hate the MC's, I just didn't really get them. Honestly, I have to admit I feel like maybe I'm not being fair to this one because the rest of these stories tie into books I've either read or will read, so maybe if there was more to this I would have enjoyed it better...I truly don't know.


I loved Amy Lane's story 'Nascha' probably more than I would have if I had read the series in order but because I took a little jump ahead to her book 'The Deep of the Sound' I understood the significance of his story and who and how it affected things in the future. This is a story that would seriously be better read after book #8.


And last of all Ann Tenino's 'Helping Hand' this one just turned out perfect for me because it read like a prequel or a  background story and it was for book #7 Wedding Favors' which is the book I read perfect timing for this story and it was just a really, sweet story and the perfect lead in to book #7.