And now our story continues...

Wedding Favors - Anne Tenino

So in my review of 'Lights, Camera, Cupid' book #6 and the 'Bluewater Bay' Valentine's Anthology the last story was called 'Helping Hand' and this is the book that it connects too. I thoroughly loved this book.


Lucas and Gabe have a history, as explained in 'Helping Hand' and now Lucas is drawn back to Bluewater Bay at the request of his best friend, Audrey, who happens to be planning on marrying Lucas's brother who also happens to be Gabe's best friend. Like or not these two men are going to have to deal with one another. Gabe's ok with this because he wants to finish scratching that itch and get Lucas out of his system so he can move on...oh that life should be so simple?


At times it seems like everything is conspiring to bring these two men together including Lucas' own attraction to the crush he never really got over.


This one was sweet, sexy and at times funny as these two men struggled to keep their equilibrium and guard their hearts from the inevitable collision course they're on.


So far this series has been absolutely delightful and I'm looking forward to August when we get book #9 When to Hold Them by G.B. characters from a new to me author = the opportunity for another great story to read.