For me 'The Bucket List' sort of kicked the bucket...

The Bucket List - Douglas  Black

'The Bucket List' was for me an exercise in endurance and thankfully it was short so I endured.


I know I'm in the minority here when I say 'nope, sorry this one just didn't do it.' It's never a good sign when less than half way through the book I'm looking at the number of pages and sighing with relief when I realize there are less than 100 or when I have the epiphany that I'm getting through the story not because I'm enjoying it but because I'm racing to see how fast I can get to the end.


I felt bad for Kade because no one should ever be treated the way Niall treated him(let's just call him nil because well nil means zero, nothing and that seems appropriate for this jerkwad), I was slightly pissed with Ian and Paul to be honest while I was glad they didn't let Kade wallow in self pity I think they could have done it in a more constructive manner, nope sorry as friends go they just didn't cut it for me and then we have Blake. Where do I start...let me see...I liked Blake in all his right place, right time, say and always do the right thing glory and then of course he had a magic penis. It just fixed everything for Kade...nope, sorry just wasn't happening for me. There was sex lots and lots of lots of sex in lots and lots and lots of different places interspersed with some relationship development...well as much as you can have between two men who don't want to tell each other a lot about themselves...


Lastly I want to mention the cover. While I really, really liked the overall layout. I had an issue with the images Blake (I'm assuming he was the blonde) looked too young and too angry, I'm sure he was suppose to be broody and intense looking or something like that but I got young and angry from him and then there's Kade in his undershirt looking like he just got his discharge papers and not his CGA diploma. 


I wanted to like 'The Bucket List' and when I bought the book I thought it sounded like a really cute story but then I read it and ended up wishing I'd left it off my list.