Wow...just WOW!!!

Texas Fall - RJ Scott

I love it when a series just keeps getting better and better and that is what's happening with these books.


'Texas Fall' is the sixth book in this series by the amazing RJ Scott and with each book I fall a little more in love with the characters. This one for me just had it all in the right doses. There was adventure, action love and passion, family, just a touch of everything in the right doses.


My biggest worry was that this might be the closing chapter so before I wrote my review I had to scurry off to the author's website and check and Oh Happy Day!!! There's another book listed under her 'works in progress' I think my heart melted a little with joy. 'Texas Fall' is so fantastic and in some ways if the author had chosen to leave things here I'd be ok with that because everyone is in a good place, but given the choice 'Oh hell yeah!  I want more!' and am thrilled to see that there will be.


In 'Texas Fall' Jake nearly looses Riley and when the two men are reunited at one point Jake tells Riley that he was never alone he was surrounded by this big family that loved and cared and was there for him, but he felt like he had nothing because at the heart of it all for him was Riley. I loved Jake all the more for being the type of man who is able to put his feelings out there especially when the person that he loves above all else needs to hear those words. Riley's struggles so hard to come back from what happens to him in Mexico and be the man that his family and most of all Jake need but Jake is there for him unfailingly and in my mind this is what a good relationship should be. Two people working together at everything to create the life they want for themselves and each other.


I think this is one of my favorite things about these books that they actually serve as a reminder that even if you have it all. The money, the career, influence, etc. keeping what matters the most the people you love and who love you takes work it's a conscious and ongoing effort.


I find it hard to believe that the next book could possibly be better than this one but I have faith that Ms Scott will find a way to make that happen and I look forward to reading it.