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Cherish the Land - Ariel Tachna

Ok first thing I want to get out of the way here is one of my pet peeves, mostly because it didn't happen and I soooooooooo appreciate that. When I look on GR because yeah, it is my main reference source for book info it tells me this book is 220 pages long. Now when I open the book it tells me there's somewhere around 242 pages and you know what? I don't care because I know going into this that I'm getting 220 pages of story and that's what I got I didn't feel cheated at the end because I thought I was going to read 242 pages I knew that I wasn't...well, ok I did moan a little but that was because I was really, really enjoying the story and I wanted more not because I was under the false impression that there was more. So enough of that let's get to the good stuff...


This book was a busy one as there was in fact two stories going on. When you read the blurb it tell us that the story is about Seth Simms whom we met in book #3 when he and his brother became a part of the Lang Downs family and Jason Thompson who is Seth's best friend and has been a part of this series as a background character since book #1. We get to see these two boys now grown as men. Men who each for their own reasons believe that they can only ever be best friends and nothing more despite the fact that they are very much in love with each other and everyone but them seem to be aware of this. Their story is slow to build as they dance around the issue until circumstances force them to confront their feelings for and with each other. But things don't end there and they still have obstacles to overcome before they can be together but once it happens...well, let me just say get yourself a cold shower folks you are going to need it. The sex between these two is hot...smokin', steaming, scorching hot and worth the wait. Ok so that's one of the storylines that runs through this book and I loved it start to finish.


Now as for the second one I'm simply going to say if you remember and liked book #3 Outlast the Night. This was Sam Emery and Jeremy Taylor's story so if you're really partial to these two men. You're going enjoy the amount of page time they have.

However, sorry to disappoint there are no hot and sexy scenes between these two...well, except there was that one time in the, you'll have to read the story to find out more about that...their lives get thrown for a change that no one really saw coming and the strength of the love and commitment between these two men is wonderful to see as they struggle to adjust to events that may take them away from Lang Downs indefinitely.


(show spoiler)


I was over the moon with how much we got to see of characters from previous books it was like going to a family reunion and getting to spend big bunches of times with all your favorite relatives...especially Thorn and Ian, I adore these two and I think fell a little more in love with them because of the role they played in Seth and Jason's story.


Interestingly enough as with the Texas Series by RJ Scott, Ms Tachna has left us in a position where the series could stop or she has created a world of opportunity for more. Unfortunately after poking around much to my disappointment I wasn't really able to find out one way or the other so I guess this means I have to wait and see. I hope there's more because I so love this series but if not everyone's pretty much in a good place and I can live with that if that's the author's decision.