It was a plane ride from LAX to O'Hare, and what happened next was a series of unfortunate events...

Worth the Seeing Through - Lisa M. Owens

(Please stay tuned for what happened next...)


Ok so I wish I could take credit for the first few lines here but no, those are the opening lyrics from 'LAX to O'Hare' by the group The Academy Is and they are just so perfect for this story that I had to borrow them. (here's the link if you'd like to hear the full song)


This book...oh my god! Where do I begin? This book for me was such a huge hot mess. I started out thinking it might not be too bad but not too far into it I realized that...


1. I was becoming increasingly angry with the MC's,  not just one of them. But both of them.


2. I was starting to really, really dislike the MC's from the first book. I loved the first book. I have never had this happen where a subsequent book in a series about different MCs has made me dislike characters from a previous that's a first.


3. There were things that were repeated to the point of killing any sympathy I had for pretty much anyone in this story. I should have been in tears over what happened to Alex (not an MC but still an important secondary character) and there were things about both Gus and Connor that would normally tug at my heartstrings but it was all repeated over and over and over again to the point where my brain just fried and kept screaming "Really? Who cares? Get over it and move on. I have no fucks to give about this anymore. Can we PLEASE MOVE ON!!!!"


4. Due to the sheer repetition of the facts part of this started to read more like a PSA (Public Service Announcement) than a story, I get it really I do. Excessive drinking of alcohol = bad, going to AA = good.


Ok let's visit item #1 the MC's. We have Gus Gustavsson, we're just gonna' take a pass on the name ok, there are just so many other things. Gus is to say the least screwed up beyond belief. He's got issues coming out the wazoo. Not the least of which is an addiction to alcohol. And yet somehow Josh and Dane seem to think that anything that goes wrong between Gus and Connor could not truly be Gus's fault, no it's Connor being the Asshat in all of this. Can I just say "I don't f*ing think so." Sorry, but Gus getting drunk and kissing Josh barely 5 minutes after Josh and Dane tell them that they've basically gotten married is in no f*@^ing way Connor's fault nor should he be the one to try and fix things between him and Gus. That is all on Gus. Connor  making the first move as Josh and Dane seemed so desperate for him to do is not him being mature or showing Gus how much he wants him or any of the other crap that was put forth. It's Connor giving Gus permission to use people (him specifically in this instance) like doormats.


"Ok, let's just stop and breath here. Breath in, breath out, that's good one more time..." There we go getting better...truthfully I don't remember the last time a book has made me so frustrated and this is not in a good way. Back to our story...and on to a different topic...


Now about Connor, don't get me wrong I'm not saying Connor's perfect, hell no. We're talking about the man who packed up and moved from LA to Bozeman, Montana just to be close to a man who quit communicating with him. ***'STALKER' anyone?***


Sorry but this book ended up being a huge exercise in anger and frustration for me for so many reasons that I'm really only touching the tip of the iceberg here. It was nearly the very end of the story before Gus would acknowledge that he loved Connor and even then Connor basically bullied it out of him, but it's ok because all their friends where there. Even Alex the young impressionable teenager that Connor is suppose to be a role model, just no! If you have to stalk, bully and badger someone to get them to admit their feelings that's not love or at least not a very healthy kind of love and Gus's whole 'I'm not good enough for you so therefore I'll treat you like shit.' routine was just that a whole load of SH*T!!!


Seriously, if you've read the first book quit while you're ahead. 'Worth the Seeing Through' really isn't. Now in an effort to end this on a more positive note the cover is nice.