Excuse the drool on this review...but, damn did you see that cover?

Out of Hiding - Mia Kerick

I really loved this book at the beginning, but sadly the last 25 - 30% just didn't do it for me. Dario is a dancer hired by Sophie's father/Philippe's brother to coach her and choreograph her routine for her college admissions. Philippe has been convinced to spend the summer in New York with her since the demands of his brother's business doesn't allow for him to be away from his company for prolonged periods of time. This is how and why our MCs meet.


Philippe is damaged he's lost people he loves and cares about in his live.  Starting with his mother when he was very young. His coping mechanism is to hide, but Dario sees Philippe and he likes what he sees. He's confident enough to pursue Philippe, he believes that they belong together. What I loved was how he did this. He wasn't pushy and forceful but kind, gentle and persistent. He showed Philippe friendship and love and patience. Watching their relationship develop was so incredibly sweet. I adored these two men together. Now add to this Sophie. Philippe's niece who happens to be closer to Philippe's age than her father is (there's a bit of an age difference between these two brothers). Sophie is cute, driven and has a bit of a snarky side that sneaks out whenever she's calling 'bullshit'. Then Philippe meets Lauren and her son, Tommy at the hotel pool and a friendship develops. Suddenly Philippe who doesn't want to be seen who doesn't want to care about people finds himself surrounded by people that he realizes he cares about too much.


This is all shaping up to be a wonderfully sweet and heartbreaking story, right? Well, I thought so, until I started to feel like I was getting the bums rush and things just got tied up real quick and a bow got slapped on it and they all lived happily ever after, the end.


For me the ending was just too quick easy and painless. I wasn't necessarily looking for more angst because to  be honest there was already enough of that, mind you it necessary. To tell a story like this and have a character as emotionally damaged as Philippe with no angst for me...just not plausible. I'm not even sure exactly why the ending didn't work for me, it just didn't. Had the ending worked better for me this easily would have been a 4 star read. I will say that the first part of the book was definitely 4 stars, it was warm and fuzzy and adorable and I totally enjoyed it and quite possibly the ending would work for someone else...just not me.

Plus, I totally wanted Philippe to quit hiding behind the long hair and beard. I don't have a problem with either if that's what a guy likes, but Phillipe stated several times that this was one of his hiding mechanisms so to me it would have been a strong sign of emotional healing for him to get rid of them even in small increments.

(show spoiler)


Having said all this I definitely plan on checking out more by this author because the potential for me to enjoy other books by her is definitely strong and worth looking into.