Well this one's all about the emotions...

New Love (Weekend Getaways) - Kol Anderson

This is my first read by this author and I have to say while I didn't find it to be an epic 5 star read, it was good and the characters fascinated me. To me this story has one main character and his name is Cameron.  Cameron has a sort of emotional tunnel vision. He's locked into 'happily ever after' no matter what.  He wants that and this is where the first of two strong secondary characters come into the story. Cameron's in a relationship with Neil.

Neil has issues.

[spoiler]He's emotionally and physically abusive. He's a douche.



Next we have Tyler Finn. He's Cameron's brother's best friend and Cameron's teenage crush and the man that everyone wants. Tyler is basically emotionally unavailable. He doesn't do relationships, just hook-ups or so he says.


This was a short but definitely interesting read and I honestly would have liked to see a bit more story with these characters the possibilities were strong. However, given that this was a story of just approximately 50ish pages I was impressed with the amount of story that I was given and look forward to enjoying more by this author in the near future.