Road Trip!!!!!!!!

Thirty Things - Cate Ashwood

Thirty things was the perfect way to start off my mini vacation. This is just a low angst, feel good, friends to lovers story and it left me with lots of warm fuzzies.


I thought Finn and Nate were adorable. I was especially able to relate to Finn. For different reasons I share Finn's challenge of living each day with chronic pain and not wanting to allow it to limit or restrict my life. It's a challenge and yes at times it can be frustrating to say the least. So I especially loved Finn and the way he recognized his problem, dealt with it, but refused to let it rule his life.


Finn and Nate have been best friends for most of their lives. They share everything except for maybe one little secret that Finn guards closely his love for Nate. Better to be best friends and roommates with Nate and have him in his life than to loose his straight friend altogether, right?


Nate has decided that he and Finn need to go on a road trip and do 30 things in celebration of Finn's 30th birthday or maybe Nate has more than celebrating Finn's milestone birthday in mind. One way or another things are going to change between these two friends the real question is can Finn handle the change?


Once Nate made his feelings clear to Finn things happened pretty quick between this pair and while I like a slow build in a relationship as much as the next person these guys have been building for over twenty years so I have to admit I probably would have been having a few whatthefuck? moments if their relationship had progressed to slowly. I mean really? Finn's already waited 20+ years to get his hands on the love of his life and now that man is standing before him and saying 'yeah, me too.' sorry but if I was Finn I would have been all over  him like 'white on rice'. After all there's patience and then there's simply 'what the hell are you waiting for? An engraved invitation?'.


I liked what came next the progression of their relationship from friends to lovers and everything that entails both physically and emotionally , watching Nate as he helped Finn work through his insecurities about what all this would mean for them when they returned home and ultimately seeing their connection grow as Nate continued to take Finn on their amazing road trip. I have to admit I especially loved the stop at Disney because I've been there and so it was really cool when they were talking about 'The Blue Bayou' restaurant and 'The Pirates of the Caribbean' ride (which is a lot of fun by the way). I turn into a big dork when this happens in a book I'm reading because more than every it makes me feel like I'm right there with the characters.


'Thirty Things' was a fun, low (zero) angst story about how sometimes keeping secrets can be what keeps a person from having what makes them truly happy. This was also my first read for this author and I am definitely looking forward to enjoying more of her books.