I want more...

Duck Duck Ghost - Rhys Ford

If I thought the first book in this series was like catnip for me, I don't even now what to say this one was except HOLY HELL THIS BOOK IS FAN-FREAKIN'-TASTIC!!!! Seriously I need the next book...like yesterday!


Sometimes I just love it when an author proves me wrong, I didn't think Rhys Ford could possibly get any better, but I was wrong, I tell you wrong, wrong, wrong! 'Duck, Duck Ghost' was superb! There was more Tristan & Wolf, more ghost and some of them were seriously freaking scary. Add to this that we got to meet Wolf's cousin Cin, I'm pretty sure I'm in love...well lust at the very least. This guy is hot, seriously sexy, badass hot and yes, I want him. Especially if there are any ghost around.


Wolf and Tristan go on a road trip to St. Louis Obispo (SLO) to help his cousin, Sey with a bit of a haunting problem only to discover that along with a seriously, angry, viscious ghost, they have to deal with more of Wolf's crazy relatives and trust me Aunt Gildy is seriously wacked and very entertaining...as in lock up the guns and weapons entertaining. Add to this an exchange student from Ontario...that's Ontario, Canada who seems to have a thing for Tristan, which means that Wolf is probably going to have to kill him but that's ok because if he just waits a little longer he's pretty sure that Cin will give him a hand with hiding the body. Oh yeah, Jack and his red ball went along for the ride too.


This story was awesome in the way that the scary stuff, and there was scary stuff, was balanced with humor. I know I've said it more than a few times I don't like horror. Ghost and zombies and all that just aren't my thing, but honestly it's hard to be hiding under the covers shaking in fear when it's sprinkled with liberal doses of sarcasm and just general dry wit and the shaking is more like ROFLMAO.


I'm not sure when we'll get to see a book 3 on this series but I guarantee you when it's out I'm there because while this wasn't what I would call a cliffhanger by any means. The ending of this book left us with what I would call wonderfully, fascinating opportunities and when opportunity knocks I totally want to answer the door.