So I had a moment...

Perfect Imperfections - Cardeno C.

and thankfully that's all it turned out to be a fleeting moment where I started to worry that maybe...just maybe, this book that so many of my friends absolutely love was not going to be the book for me. Thankfully, the moment passed.


I ended up really enjoying this story. Reg and Jeremy meet by accident one night when Jeremy goes into the bar where Reg works to get a drink and to escape his crazy 'superstar' life because he's 'The Jeremy Jameson' and sometimes he just needs to disappear for a bit to be a person just a normal regular person and not 'a superstar rockstar'. What starts out being just friendly chatter between two guys in a bar ends up being a life changing conversation for both of them.


Jeremy's ironically had a bit of a sheltered life. He's been wrapped up in his music practically since before he could speak. It's been Jeremy and his music the rest is just background and he's not really interested. Reg is just an ordinary guy working in a bar trying to save a bit of cash so he can travel and see the world...have some fun. But when closing time comes Reg takes Jeremy home so he can sleep it off because he's maybe had one too many. They talk Jeremy makes Reg an offer (no, not that kind of offer...dirty minds...ok, that offer might come later).


Jeremy wants a 'pretend' boyfriend to travel with him keep him company maybe have a bit of fun together on his downtime. Reg wants to could he possibly refuse? Well, he's a sane intelligent man of course he's not going to refuse and this is how Reg and Jeremy came to be.


This book was low angst, humorous and I adored Reg and Jeremy. I have to honestly admit at times Reg was definitely not my cup of tea. I found him to be too controlling, too take charge and ironically that was exactly what Jeremy needed. He desperately needed someone to take care of the background clutter so that he could focus on doing what he did best and Reg liked doing that because it gave Jeremy some breathing space, helped him to relax so for these two it was good it worked.


My moment came when the relationship progressed from 'friends to lovers'. There was a definite imbalance in the relationship in regards to sexual preference. Reg was gay he knew he was gay and he had experience as a gay man. Jeremy was straight because everyone told him he was. His managers/publicist, his 'people', kept fixing him up with women so he must be straight, right? He'd never been interested enough to question this because he was all about the music. Being with Reg made him question this. Reg realized this little problem very early on in their relationship and while he wanted Jeremy and make no mistake about it, Reg wanted Jeremy! He also wanted to be a friend to Jeremy to allow him to figure things out. It could be argued that Jeremy only fell in love with Reg because he needed him but that leaves the bigger question open of why does any person fall in love with the person they fall in love with? We all have needs be they physical, emotional or intellectual and truthfully if the person we live with, love and are possibly married to doesn't fill those needs, doesn't make you happy, as Reg did for Jeremy, than I guess the next question is 'Why did you fall in love with them? or maybe it's 'are you sure you love them?'


I loved how this book reflected a very personal belief for me and that is that 'I don't love someone in spite of their faults or imperfections' I love that person because of them. 'Perfect Imperfections' for me ended up begin imperfectly perfect.