I'm just not quite sure about this one...

Hitting Black Ice - Heloise West

I don't think I've ever had a book leave me feeling quite so confused about whether I liked it or not. I know I didn't hate it and it was not even close to being the worst book I've ever read or the best for that matter. Actually for me the title explains it quite well. It was like hitting a patch of black ice and from there I just fishtailed my way through the story.


There was a lot that I really liked about this book. I liked the overall plot it was excellent and I liked Hunter. He had some serious emotional baggage going on and that's ok because let's face it, most people do to some degree. I liked that while Hunter did have said emotional baggage it was balanced with a loving family and some awesome friends. Then we have Shawn/Alex not so much on the emotional baggage which was nice. For Shawn/Alex it was a case of being in the wrong place at the right time or is that the right place at the wrong time...oh well, whatever it wasn't good for him to be there but unfortunately he was and it screwed up his life big time.


I can't really decide if these two men have the worst luck or the most incredible luck I've ever read about. On the one hand I'm pretty sure that by the end of the book given everything that happened to them at least one or both of them should have been seriously injured or worse but no they both survived, not totally unscathed mind you,  being shot at numerous times, kidnapped, hunted by criminals (of the serious badass drug cartel kind) and lawmen alike, this one was sketchy to say the least because it was questionable as to who the good guys really were, as well there were traffic accidents involving multiple cars and I'm sure there was more but you get the picture, right?

Add to all of this Truman. Truman was very central to this story and he was epically a person that you love to hate. By the end of the book I was kind of wishing Truman would just die in a fire. I'm pretty sure that the ending was suppose to give him some kind of redemption and I'm sure for some it did...but, honestly for me...nope, just die in a fire Truman, ok? Thanks. (Just let me clarify here I did like that the author gave me this character who I was so easily able to direct my rage at, honestly the guy was just a bag of dicks).


Oh yeah, the dogs there are dogs. Huskies beautiful big fluffy huskies and really who doesn't like dogs? I actually wish the dogs could have had a larger part in the story but still they were there.


So all in all it was a busy book but there's no way I can say I didn't like it or enjoy it. I truly don't stay up until 3 a.m. to read a book that I don't like. Honest even on a bad day I don't dislike myself that much.


So that's it 3.5 slippery, fishtailing on black ice stars for this one. Rounded up because it's black ice and when you hit black ice you slide forward not straight forward but still forward.