Let's go to the library...

Checking Out Love - R. Cooper

I'm going to start by saying I absolutely love 'R. Cooper' stories. One of my favorite stories 'A Wealth of Unsaid Words' is by R. Cooper. So needless to say I'm not really surprised by how much I enjoyed this story. It was sweet, cute, funny, adorable and so many other make me smile words. Unfortunately it was also short at less than 50 pages. I am going to make absolutely no bones about this I WANT MORE!!!!


Jeremy and Benji are fabulous together and this story was just the beginning of things for them. So I am desperately hoping and praying that Ms. Cooper has more planned.


It's a short story, it's a wonderful story, it's set in a library I mean really other than maybe a book store could it get any better? 


Oh wait a book...another story?..........Please...something...anything?


Please...I know, I know, I have no pride, I am grovelling and if it works, I make no apologies and if not, well I tried :-)