First book for a very promising author...

In the Middle of Somewhere - Roan Parrish

'In the Middle of Somewhere' was my first time reading this author mostly because it was her first book and I have to say for a first book it was pretty damned good. At 350 pages it was longer than usual and while it could have been a bit shorter and still maintained an excellent story, I didn't find myself getting bored or loosing interest with the story that Ms Parrish gave us.


There are some really excellent reviews for this book out there already and the ratings are a totally mixed bag everything from DNFs to 5 stars so my best recommendation on this one is check it out carefully because I honestly think this is a love it or leave it book. I loved it. For me the first 80% was good, really enjoyable I liked how the relationship developed between Rex and Daniel. It had it's ups and downs, good and  bad moments just like real relationships are prone to.


I like that the author took the time to develop the characters in this story not just the main characters but a lot of the secondary characters as well. There were so many little things about Ginger (Daniel's BFF) that we got to know and about Will (Rex's Ex & friend) and there was Leo the young man who Daniel rescued and then became friends with. Daniel's family, not sure I want to know much a bout them but we learned stuff anyways.


For me the real treat was the last 20% of the book. This was where I really saw the way Daniel was growing and changing as an individual and I loved seeing him begin to deal with his feelings and understand himself a bit better and always with Rex there offering his love. Yeah, the first 80% really good and I enjoyed reading it, but the last 20% was the real gift on this one and I loved it.


My favorite part was when Daniel and Rex exchanged Christmas presents. I loved Daniel's gifts to Rex. Especially his second gift, sweet.