I'm still a little confused right now...

Witches' Blood - Ginn Hale

Book #4 'Witches Blood' was a lot more of John's/Jahn's background and while I did find it interesting, I also spent a some time wishing that we could take a peek in on Kyle/Kahlil to see what was going on with him.


In spite of the fact that I start each book thinking that there are certain things that I've sorted out in my mind part way into the next book I realize that I don't know what I thought I knew and that I might have actually figured out things that I didn't even realize I knew and by the end of the book I just feel pretty much clueless because I have a whole bunch of puzzle pieces and I can't quite see what fits where. So I think I'll just carry on to book #5 'The Holy Road' and keep collecting puzzle pieces and let them fall where they may until I start to see the picture more clearly.