The confusion is giving way to some clarity and a lot of WHATTHEHECKJUSTHAPPENED?

The Holy Road - Ginn Hale

I'm really not sure how to explain this but I think there's like crack on the pages of these e-books or something because in spite of the continuing but thankfully slowly diminishing confusion that this story has been creating for me. I don't want to stop. I was going to take a wee break after this book and read just a short story or two but no, I was barely done reading the last word on the page and lo and behold I was pulling up book 6 on my e-reader. So I'm going to admit defeat on this and just devour the books.


I don't know if it was my decision to just read the story and take things as they came or if I've just finally hit the point where the author starts bringing things together but regardless of whether or not I have the answers to all my questions or not book 5 left me feeling pretty satisfied and at the same time anxious to go on to the next book which I have.  My one disappointment was that...

when Jahn/John and Ravishan finally get to be together it's basically off page. I would have liked a little more on page romance between these two they've gone though hell and shared that with us, I'd little to share in a bit more of the good stuff too ;)

(show spoiler)


So I'm off to read some more of book 6 Broken Fortress and I'm just going to concede that whatever, however I am really enjoying these books and I have faith that by the time I get to the end of book 10 I will have all my answers.