Way to leave a girl clutching her pearls...

Enemies and Shadows - Ginn Hale

well, if I was wearing them, that is.


Forget sitting on the edge of the cliff with this one. I'm pretty damned sure I got pitched over the cliff. So of course I did the logical thing and jumped right into the next book. Problem is my cliff hanger in book 7 came a few pages before the actual end. The end of book 7 took us to another flashback and of course that's where book 8 The Silent City picks up is with the flashback and not the cliffhanger, sorry folks but f#@k the flashback! I need to go back to the cliff...now, right the f#@k NOW!!! and I'm pretty sure with my luck it's going to be book 9 before I find out where things went...so back to my reading. Talk to you all tomorrow.