It's official this series is working well for me...

The Iron Temple - Ginn Hale

Ok, so book 9 didn't bring me back to where I wanted to be. It still left me with that 'why you no love me? and throw me off the cliff?' feeling because I still need to know a few things the most important being 'what the hell is happening to Kyle/Kahlil in the present?' really, seriously I need to know this. In spite of this I ate book 9 up. I enjoyed every freakin' word of it and yep, damned if it didn't leave me sitting on the edge of the cliff with poor Kyle again.


I think right now the burning question for me is 'How many death or near death experiences can a body have before it says "I'm done guys. Enough is enough and I'm just tired of being abused. I'm just going to lie down and die now so I can have some peace" I mean I get that John takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. After all he's not just some mere mortal. Even still I gotta' say John "You really need to quite abusing your body like you do. I mean damn it man those Godhammers, bullets and arrows and all that other shit have got to hurt, right?"


Ok, I'm off to book 10 His Holy Bones (Psst, I'm not sure I like the sounds of this one) I'm crossing my fingers this is the last book and even though I don't normally need it, I need a big red bow tying this one up...please? pretty please?