And that's a wrap...

His Holy Bones - Ginn Hale The Iron Temple - Ginn Hale The Silent City - Ginn Hale Enemies and Shadows - Ginn Hale Broken Fortress - Ginn Hale The Holy Road - Ginn Hale Witches' Blood - Ginn Hale Black Blades - Ginn Hale Servants of the Crossed Arrows (The Rifter) - Ginn Hale The Shattered Gates - Ginn Hale

I started reading this series with my lovely friend M'rella and I sort of scooted on ahead of her. Sorry, M'rella,  :-(


Ginn Hale's Rifter series has been a big chunk of my life for the past week. I've posted little mini reviews if you will as I've read each book with the intent that I would do an overall review of the series after I finished it. Well, I've finished it and now I have a problem because I've been left speechless. I don't even know where to begin to explain but I'm going to try.


Overall I've ended up giving this series 4 stars and honestly it wasn't because of the first few books. I enjoyed the writing in all of them but my biggest problem especially with books 1 through 3 and to a degree books 4 & 5 was that they simply left me a feeling too confused. The plot on this series is a little more complex than the norm. Not only are we shifting from one world to another there's a whole issue of timelines. This is a story that moves back and forth between present and past and not just one past. Plus  because we aren't always on earth at times we have a bit of a language barrier to deal with although thanks to the author including list of characters and basically a mini-dictionary of the language, these things weren't as confusing as they otherwise could have been.


All this makes it seem like 'why the hell would you read these books? Right? Well I have only one answer for that I love a seriously what I really love is a really good story. A well crafted tale that leaves me wanting more and indications were that this series would deliver that and for me it did.  No matter how confused I may have felt or at times  even a little bit frustrated at the end of each book there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to keep reading. Somewhere around book 4, I came to the conclusion that I was just going to read and enjoy and let things fall into place where and when they were ready too this was when I began to really enjoy the story.


I was reminded of  when I was a kid in school and we'd have story time and the teacher would read to us. I'd just sit there and take in the words and the story would create itself in my mind. I didn't have to work at it or wonder what happened next or how the story would play out. My mind just went with the flow of the words and it all came together in my head on it's own. it was such a simple thing watching that movie with my mind's eye and I continued to do that when I got old enough to read on my own but somewhere along the way I started trying to figure out the details before they happened to see if I could guess what came next, how things ended and I forgot to just enjoy the words on the page and let them flow around me and spin their tale showing me the story that the author wanted to tell in the way that she wanted it to unfold.


This series was definitely different from what I normally read and I enjoyed the challenge that it offered but now it's time to keep another it's on to manties...I blame my friends, you know who you are (thankfully this is short read because I have 'A Little Life' promise to keep as well.